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Mr. Cedric R.



Cedric R. Holloway was born on September 24, 1965 to the proud parents of Jonnie B. Wiley and Lovenia Holloway. Cedric was raised in the Queen City of Buffalo, New York. He is well esteemed and cherished by his extended family, friends and mentees. Cedric is a product of the Buffalo Public Schools system. Throughout his schooling he maintained praiseworthy grades and graduated from Lafayette High School in 1984. Cedric has always been a man in search of excellence. Shortly after graduating from Lafayette High School, Cedric applied to and was accepted into the Buffalo Police Academy where he graduated and became an offer of the law. Cedric decided he should continue his formal education and was accepted at Howard University. He completed his schooling at State University of New York at Buffalo and majored in legal studies where he ultimately obtained a bachelor's degree. While obtaining his bachelor's degree he returned to the Police force and eventually became a member of the elite and revered SWAT Team. He is 26-year veteran of the Buffalo Police Department and currently assigned to E District as a Detective. He is also an instructor of the ethics, firearms and defensive tactics. 

To date Cedric has devoted over two decades of unwavering protection and service to the Queen City. There have been countless occasions wherein the valiant Officer Holloway selflessly risked his life to save another's. He is quite able to defend the community as he is a martial arts expert with a second degree black belt in Gojuryu Karate. Indeed the public he serves views him as a man of distinguished courage. 

Not only is Cedric a hero in his capacity as an officer of the law, he is a stanch advocate for the young mentees of the Omega Mentoring Program. The Omega Mentoring Program is an integral component of the Phi Omega Foundation, an aside of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity Inc. Phi Omega chapter. Cedric has been a loyal member of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity since 1999. This program has been in existence since 1999 under his judicious leadership. The young people in this program thrive under the guidance and dedication of committed men and women like Cedric. Cedric and the other committed staff members of the Omega Mentoring Program have touched and made a difference in literally hundreds of lives. To date he continues his assiduous work with the youth in the city of Buffalo. The staff of the Omega Mentoring Program meets faithfully with the young mentees every Monday at the Johnnie B. Wiley Sports Pavilion. It is noteworthy to add the pavilion was named for Cedric's father the late Johnnie B. Wiley. The Omega Mentoring group focuses on self-love, self-knowledge, self-development and spiritual development. The program has been acknowledged by Buffalo's news media and dignitaries as honorable and prolific. Cedric and his staff are building a generation of thoughtful, caring and committed leaders.

Cedric's courage in the face of danger along with his tenacious disposition and love of life helped him to battle and survive a sudden diagnosis of lymphoma. While battling cancer Cedric never missed work, never stopped mentoring, never stopped parenting, never stopped working out, and Cedric never stopped believing he was going to live. Cedric was married in 2002 to his beautiful and supportive wife Mrs. Lisa Holloway. They are the joyful parents of Jimmie Adams and Morgan Holloway. The couple takes delight in the accomplishments of their children, cherish the day they were born and continue to be supportive and involved parents. To hear Cedric speak of his children, will make your heart warm. He is a man who understands the significance of fatherhood. The word "Daddy" is precious to his ears and possesses great meaning in his heart. Cedric is an amazing man who masterfully navigates through his dichotomous existence as protector and caregiver. He maintains his fierce demeanor as an unrelenting officer of the law, while maintaining his gentle and loving disposition as husband, father and community leader. Cedric has received several awards that give evidence of his love for his community. These awards include:


• The Stop the Violence Award (4/2012)

• Butler Award for Heroism by the Buffalo Police Benevolent Association (5/2011)

• Afro American Police Association Award Officer of the Month (3/10)

• Buffalo Police Benevolent Society Officer of the Month (3/2010)

• City of Buffalo Change Maker Award (2/2009)

• Men Moving Forward "He-Roes" (5/2009)

• The United Coalition of Churches Award (7/2009)

• Black Achievers Award (10/2009)

• New York State Senator Byron Brown - Community Service Award

• City of Buffalo Common Council's Community Service Award

• New York State Assembly Arthur O. Eve's Community Service Award

• New York State Congressman Jack Quinn's Community Service Award

• Erie County Legislator Crystal Peoples Community Service Award

• True Bethel Baptist Church - Pastor Darius Pridgen Community Service Award

• Afro-American Police Association's Law Enforcement Officer of the Year

• Afro- American Police Association Trailblazer's Award

• Omega Psi Phi Fraternity Inc. Phi Epsilon Chapter's Citizen of the Year

• Omega Psi Phi Fraternity Inc. Phi Omega Chapter's Outstanding Service Award

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