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Mission Statement


The Omega Mentoring Program is an organization of committed volunteers and mentors who 


inspire and motivate at-risk youth toward college through one-on-one mentoring.  Mentors nourish a 


sense of pride, self-confidence and competence in their mentees, which leads to greater success in family, 


social, academic and business situations.  We provide leadership formulated to deal with the myriad of 


problems faced by youth with an emphasis on self-love, self-knowledge, self-development and spiritual 








The organization has been in existence for over two decades.  Over the years we have fine-tuned our ‘goals’ to include the following: 


• Equip our children to become the leaders of a better tomorrow by providing them with the 


   resources to be empowered, positive and productive members of society. 


• Encourage, provide support, and cultivate opportunities for exposure to higher education, career 


  and vocational training through partnerships and collaborations with other community 


  organizations including not-for-profits.  


• Administer knowledge and assist them in life and decision-making skills to help them make 


  positive choices, break the cycles of poverty and teen pregnancy and overcome the barriers of 

  racism, sexism and ageism.


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